Monday, 16 April 2018

The Playoffs Are Here!

There are only TWO Canadian hockey teams in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs this year -- the Winnipeg Jets and the Toronto Maple Leafs. I wish the Leafs well, of course, but at the moment I'm cheering for the Winnipeg Jets in their series against the Minnesota Wild. As an ex-Winnipegger, how could I NOT? The Jets are currently leading the series two games to one.

So here I am in front of my TV SET, wearing my Winnipeg Jets PJ PANTS, assisting the Winnipeg fans on the screen by being the Edmonton contingent of THE WHITEOUT!


Friday, 13 April 2018

Tarot Soul Card -- Hierophant (Number 5)

[Yoshitaka Amano Tarot]

Because "hierophant" is such an archaic word, we need to start with a definition. In Greek, hierophant means "he who speaks the holy." Specifically, it was the title of the High Priest of the Eleusinian Mysteries. In tarot, "hierophant" has a more general meaning of "any moral authority figure who decrees how one should act." And so the Hierophant card is all about rules for living -- what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is bad, what is healthy, what is not, etc.

Men and women whose soul card is the Hierophant struggle with these rules. It is the defining condition of their soul journey. Sometimes, Hierophants can go to extremes -- either slavishly obeying external rules or breaking them all with abandon. They may swing from one extreme to another during their life. For example, a wild youth may be followed by a conservative adulthood. Or vice versa -- someone may "follow the rules" all their lives until they hit mid-life and then, out of the blue, kick over the traces and become a rebel. In other words, a Hierophant will either question authority or accept authority. There does not seem to be a lot of middle ground for them.

There is one other major arcana card in this constellation which influences a Hierophant's soul path: Temperance.

[Golden Thread Tarot]

The Temperance card is all about balance and transformation. It does not concern choosing one option over another but rather, counsels blending the two opposites to create a new, third option. Temperance can offset the Hierophant's tendency to go to one extreme or the other.

A Hierophant longs for a single quintessential Truth that will tie everything together in a meaningful unity. The life challenge of a Hierophant is to learn to be their own authority rather than obeying external rules. However, this can only be done by learning from experience -- learning how to blend and create the third option of Temperance. If a Hierophant successfully integrates Temperance, they will achieve a more balanced life following their own internal rules rather than external ones.

But if a Hierophant gets lost on their soul path and does not develop their own inner moral code, they can become rigid, dogmatic, judgemental and self-righteous (regardless of whether they are conformists or rebels). Temperance falls into their Shadow and its lessons are ignored.

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Next Week: the Lovers Soul Card

[NOTE: If you haven't yet determined what your Soul Card is and would like to, please go to the introductory post of this series found here, do the calculation and play along!]

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Winter Blues

Are you eagerly awaiting Spring's arrival? I know I am.

Winter gets real old, real fast, doesn't it? And around here, winter lasts a long, long time.

Our snow started in October. We're still getting snow now in April. When will it end?

I'm sure all of you who live in cold climates agree!

Get here soon, Spring! Please!

Monday, 9 April 2018

"Boy, that escalated quickly"

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Friday, 6 April 2018

Tarot Soul Card -- Emperor (Number 4)

[Thoth Tarot]

Men and women whose soul card is the Emperor are leaders, doers, builders and achievers. They are often masters in their chosen field of endeavour. Structure, order, facts and reason are important to Emperors; they find such structure reassuring. Emperors do not tend to be introspective types but are focused on the world around them.

The central themes of an Emperor's soul path are power and authority. If an Emperor exercises those qualities well, she or he will be a source of strength, protection and benefit to those around them. But if an Emperor gets lost on their soul path, power and authority can be misused and instead become aggression, bullying or abuse. Emperors need to guard against this.

There are two other major arcana cards in this constellation which influence an Emperor's soul path: Death and the Fool.

[Motherpeace Tarot]

The Death card seldom refers to the actual death of people. Instead, it represents profound and irrevocable transformation -- endings and beginnings, destruction and renewal, decay and new growth. If the Death aspect of this constellation is integrated into an Emperor's soul path in a positive and beneficial way, the Emperor will be a transformative force of good in their own life and in others' lives. The Emperor will easily be able let go of old ideas and outdated ways of living in order to embrace the new, the innovative and the progressive. The Emperor will lead "onwards and upwards."

But if the Death aspect is suppressed and falls into the Emperor's shadow, the Emperor will resist change and will cling to their existing power and success instead of living life. Sometimes an Emperor will have a literal fear of death so that they will try to ensure (through children, monuments or self-aggrandizement) that "their name will live forever."

[Robin Wood Tarot]

In this soul path constellation, the Fool is the exact opposite of the Emperor -- spontaneous, open, often kind of scatterbrained, usually carefree to the point of carelessness, subject to no rules. Thus, there is a paradox at the heart of every Emperor. Often when they are young, the Fool aspect seems to dominate their existence. But as they age, the Emperor aspect takes over and then they settle down and make something of themselves. But even as serious, mature, rule-making Emperors, they often believe they are personally exempt from those same rules which can, of course, lead to trouble. When the Emperor aspect is too rigid, an Emperor's greatest fear is being seen as foolish or silly by others. Emperors can become very controlling as a result.

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Next Week: the Hierophant Soul Card

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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Masters of the Maze

Do you like finding the one correct path through a maze? Some can be quite difficult . . .

. . . while others are, admittedly, much easier.

And some just require a bit of creative thinking . . . .